Our configuration, setup, and kitting services. We do it so well, we have our own word for it.

Let us be your vendor that can handle your configuration and kitting. We can set up your software, place your device in a case, and package everything so that your end user just swipes to unlock.

  • Appogee’s trained and certified technicians can configure your devices before shipping.  This means directly out of the box, you are ready to go; no downtime for your organization.
  • Whether through Apple DEP or manually, we have the ability to customize your set up, package and ship directly to many end users that might be spread around the country.
  • Each company we serve has individual needs as well as individual solutions.  We work steadily to ensure that you have the right accessories to satisfy the needs of your business. This ensures that when you open your kit, everything is as it should be.



Now that your hardware and accessories have been chosen and configured, it’s time for deployment. We understand that large or small, you will need to be up and running as soon as possible. That is why we take great care in gathering as much information about your needs upfront. In doing this you can be assured that your order will arrive at its destination ready to serve your organization’s needs.